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Who We Are

Floqsta is a socially responsible platform designed to match like-minded people, adventures and travel experiences.

The Floqsta platform is ideal for those 18–35 who are curious, building their networks and interested in how a new floq of friends can travel and create memories together.

What is Floqsta?

We are a social-travel platform that connects like-minded travel companions with shared interests, so they can enjoy unique experiences and adventures together.

We not only help you connect with compatible travel companions, we bring you curated travel experiences that are a right fit for you and your floq. This is a revolutionary way to connect with new people and experiences — all in one platform. It is a fun, easy and secure way to say goodbye to loneliness or to fuel your sense of discovery.

Even better, you can join for free!

So, what is a “floq”?

We call a group of like-minded travel companions going on an adventure together a “floq”.

Floqsta helps our customers discover opportunities to explore. In fact, using smart, safe and secure technology, Floqsta specializes in bringing curated ideas and options for travel to your floq! As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. With this in mind, we have created a new way to find your floq, find your destination and come together in a beautiful way.

What is unique about Floqsta?

Our focus on finding connections and friendships that make travel enjoyable.

We do it dynamically, proactively and intelligently. At the heart of the Floqsta platform are social and activity matching algorithms, that connect like-minded travelers with shared interests. As customers interact, and get to know each other, like-minded groups or floqs are formed.

Our top priority is helping our community experience new things with confidence. While presenting carefully curated options that fit your floq, we encourage you to get out and go... together!

What else is important to us?

Safety and Trust

The Floqsta platform is designed to promote trust between group members — we work hard to promote safely meeting, interacting and traveling through technology and a range of checks and balances.

Group Dynamics

The goal is to make every trip enjoyable and memorable. Floqsta is proactive in keeping a floq’s focus on getting to know each other, exploring curated travel options, creating plans and taking that adventure together!

Fun and Engagement

Trip ideation and planning are enjoyable when you do it together as a team. Floqsta brings fun and gamified collaboration, keeping everyone engaged.

Learning Together

Floqsta grows with you. As you interact with the platform, join floqs and take trips, our algorithms learn to make more accurate recommendations in the future.


To improve lives by creating human connections through real-world experiences and innovative technologies.


To be the world’s most trusted platform that connects like-minded people with adventures and experiences. We inspire possibilities and belonging by bringing communities of passion together safely, securely and with confidence, while improving lives and the world around us.

What we stand for


We respect that everyone has their own definition of adventure and Floqsta is a space where each floq can have fun and explore with their unique sense of adventure.


We bring people and ideas together. The possibility of experiencing something new and different is  inspiring and uplifting.


It takes confidence, and a sense of comfort, to embark on new adventures with new people, and we will foster this in how we connect every floq with new experiences.


We have a relentless desire to listen and learn from the Floqsta community, to always evolve and serve the greater interest of matching incredible experiences with amazing people.


We feel that we are all equal. Everyone is welcome and everyone can find the people and experiences that best fit them. Grow your circle of friends by becoming a Floqsta.


Transparency, quality and responsibility underpin everything we do, including how we operate, form partnerships, grow our community and engage our employees.