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Travel brings people together. You are invited to be among the first members of the growing Floqsta community.

Floqsta was built through careful research and smart technologies, yet it will take our members who believe in our mission to help us succeed.

Explore a novel Floqsta App

Tap your wanderlust with Floqsta! We feature fantastic destinations in the U.S. and select international trips, with experiences and activities to discover. We continue introducing new features as we learn about our community’s passions and preferences.

Download the app and start your discovery and exploration. Get ready to make friends and memories that will last for a lifetime!

Floqsta intelligence

Goodbye loneliness, hello world!

Floqsta uses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to enrich your social travel experience. The platform helps to get out "on the road", and travel with people who are a good fit for what you like to do. We match you with compatible travel companions so you can experience new adventures while connecting on a deeper level, making friends that could last a lifetime.

Matching magic

Floqsta is built on an NLP (Natural Language Processing) foundation, which learns from internal and external data to bring together users with compatible personalities and shared interests.

The platform dynamically forms travel groups, called floqs, based on its proprietary group compatibility scoring. The intelligence in Floqsta will learn more over time what makes for great travel companions. As a result, Floqsta will become progressively more accurate in connecting you with like-minded people who best match your travel style.

Floqsta bot

Our friendly Floqsta bot will help you get to know your new friends and guide the trip-planning process. The bot will suggest activities to fit group preferences and trip theme. It also will engage everyone by providing stimulating collaboration tools. We promise, the fun starts well before you pack your bags!

Join early

Become a pioneer

Do you love hiking, camping, skiing — or do you simply want to know the must-see destinations near you? How about a trip to Napa Valley, a yoga retreat in Sedona, an art show in Santa Fe, or a small-town bike tour along the Blue Ridge Parkway? Floqsta will match you perfectly with people and places via your preferences.

Join now and enjoy the benefits of free premium membership.

Build a community

As your choice of floqs becomes more personalized over time, Floqsta grows with you, with new destinations, events and activities. Give Floqsta a try — your sense of discovery may help you find that new group of friends that wants to go learn together or experience a great escape.

Help us to build a vibrant traveling community by being part of our launch!

Did you know?

People like you view travel as a lifestyle and often lack like-minded travel companions ready to try a new adventure.

1 out of 4 trips are not taken due to lack of travel companions.

60% would travel more often if they had friends with similar travel interests.

Traveling with people who share your passions is what makes a trip memorable.

Over 45% of people want to expand their circle of friends through travel.

70% of people view personality and shared interests critical to finding travel companions.

Our goal at Floqsta is to address these challenges — to fight loneliness, to enable travel based on passions, to connect compatible companions, to cultivate extraordinary travel experiences and to make your trips memorable!