You're invited to join like-minded travelers for unforgettable adventures. Download our app to unlock your floq.

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You're invited to join like-minded travelers for unforgettable adventures. Download our app to find and lock in your floq.

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We call a group of like-minded people traveling together a floq. Floqsta invites you to connect with a floq of new friends you can trust for unforgettable adventures. Our cutting-edge AI tools take the guesswork out of finding friends by prioritizing travel experience offers that are a match with your floq’s preferences. New adventures and destinations will find you! Download today for early access.

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floqsta is disrupting how people connect and travel

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There has never been a better time to meet and travel with new people like you. Learn their likes, interests, passions, and preferences with fun and intuitive online activities and interactions.

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How it works

Life becomes more exciting when you find your floq. A floq is a group of like-minded travel companions going on an adventure together. Floqsta has created a new way to find your floq. We specialize in using smart technology to connect you and your floq with unique experiences in amazing destinations. After all, birds of a feather should flock together, and with Floqsta, people, their interests and travel come together in a beautiful way. Easy as connect, plan and go!


Tell us about yourself, and Floqsta will connect you with others who like what you like.


Swipe right to unlock your floq and get to know people with fun and games based on shared interests.


Explore, connect, plan and go on an adventure of a lifetime — together!

Our purpose

To improve lives by creating human connections through real-world experiences and innovative technologies.