Floqsta commitment to safety

When customers engage on a new platform, they want to know they can do so with confidence. We at Floqsta have created something special by combining elements — identity validation, travel group formation rules in our technology, transparent travel planning, easy and responsive support services.

Live validation selfie

Want to be sure that someone you're chatting with — and maybe thinking of traveling with — is actually the person shown in the picture? Look for the blue 'tick' on their profile, indicating that we've matched their picture against a 'live validation' selfie (a 'live validation' selfie checks for live movement such as blinking, to stop people just pointing their phone at a picture).

Government recognized ID

Thinking of booking an organized Floqsta trip(*)? You have the comfort of knowing that your follow travelers are who they say they are, because we require all travelers to submit a government recognized ID, matched against a live validation selfie. Further, these trips are run by guides from our travel provider, who'll be present throughout the trip. Our guides are all verified by each travel provider, ensuring your safety.

Monitoring in-app chats

Community leads are constantly monitoring in-app chats to ensure the safety of all floqstas who use the platform. These community leads check to make sure suspicious behavior is reported and accordingly dealt with, safety is our top priority!

Emergency reporting

Concerned about the behavior of someone you're chatting with on the app, or traveling with?
• If you have a concern about someone on the app, you can tap on the "Block and Report" button in the app.
• If you're on an organized Floqsta trip (*) and you have a concern about one of your fellow travelers, then report it immediately to the guide.
• If you're on a trip you've arranged with other Floqstas and you have a concern about one of your fellow travelers, then you can report it to us via travel@floqsta.com. In the future we'll be introducing an emergency reporting service via the app itself.

Upcoming features

Coming soon, to provide you further peace of mind:
• User verification via social networks
• Female-only floqs
• Invite a friend to your floq
• Build-in video calls before a trip
• Emergency reporting service

(*) Organized Floqsta trips you can book via Floqsta on the app. You find these via cards marked either with a blue tag labeled "Guided" (for multi-day trips) or "Local (for in-day trips in your area), or a magenta tag labeled "Promo". These are organized trips and activities provided by one of our travel partners, and include a guide throughout. For these trips, you pay Floqsta via the widely recognized Stripe payment platform, and we also use Stripe for automated identity verification.

Safety guidelines and best practices

• Sharing travel plans with a close friend or relative
is imperative. Make sure someone you trust knows where you will be when, and that you make it a plan to check in with them.

• Traveling with internet connection is key. Make sure you are using an in county SIM card, an e-SIM, or another form of connection while in a foreign country especially. This will ensure you don’t get lost and always have access to connection to call for help, contact family or friends, and have access to maps.

• Trust your accommodation. When booking a place to stay, ensure you are staying in a user verified B&B, or certified hotel. Staying in places with no reviews or shady reviews raises your chances of an unsafe accommodation situation.

• If possible, meet your new travel buddies for the first time in public! Safety is imperative, and the first time you meet your new Floqsta buddies is exciting, but make sure it’s in a public place to verify you were talking to who you think you were! Remember, on Floqsta we have live selfie verification to help ensure the identities of Floqstas.

• If traveling in a foreign country, make yourself familiar with how to contact relevant local authorities. Some popular holiday destinations provide dedicated tourist police, who are there to protect the safety of travelers.