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How It Works

Life becomes more exciting when you find your floq, a group of compatible travel companions adventuring together.

The Floqsta App was built using smart, safe and secure technology to connect you with new friends, adventures and unique experiences in amazing destinations.

Step 1. Become a floqsta!

Download the App and join the Floqsta community, people just like you who want to enjoy and share travel adventures. Our goal is to connect you with your ideal travel companions who become new friends.

Tell Floqsta about yourself — your likes, preferences, where you want to go and when, what you want to do — and you will be connected with a group of compatible travel companions. Next, you’ll begin seeing exciting travel experiences your floq can consider!

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Smart algorithms

Floqsta harnesses the power of AI and machine-learning to enrich your experience of being matched with amazing travel experiences and people like you. Utilising your travel preferences, we learn from your profile and interactions how to intelligently offer a choice of floqs you can join. We match you with travel companions who share similar interests, so your future trips are more meaningful!

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Step 2.
Unlock your floq

Swipe right to join a group of compatible travel companions who want to travel to the same places and have the same adventures as you.

In a single swipe, you are connected to a destination and a group of people for this trip — together you form a floq. Get to know your group members through chat and interactive moments. We can’t say it enough: we take your safety and privacy seriously. It is important to us that you feel comfortable travelling with your new friends and experiencing activities you have chosen together.

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Step 3.
Build your trip together

Start planning your next adventure together with your floq members. Our friendly Floqsta bot will help you select experiences and activities for your trip.

You and your floq can use our coming-soon trip planning features to select a destination, dates and activities. As you do this together, you not only get better acquainted and build rapport, but our algorithms get smarter. In other words, your floq is bonding through collaboration and the design of your unique adventures!

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Our platform and community are all designed to help you experience something amazing. Once you settle into a floq or multiple floqs, you explore, plan and then go on adventures of a lifetime - together!

We hope you enjoy your experience, have a wonderful trip, forge new friendships and make lifelong memories. Meanwhile, our platform gets smarter with each interaction and trip. Floqsta listens - we believe a community gets better with insights and ideas from its members.

Travel Together! Have Fun! Repeat!