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Floqsta is a unique platform designed to connect like-minded companions using social-matching algorithms, disrupting the way young generation travels.

We are looking to partner with forward-thinking investors who will share Floqsta vision and  join us on our  journey to become the world’s most trusted social-travel platform that connects like-minded people with adventures and experiences.

About Floqsta

Floqsta is a socially-responsible technology platform designed to match like-minded travel companions with new adventures.

Travel match-making app is targeted at young generation who view travel as a lifestyle but lack companions for frequent travel. Loneliness and isolation crisis coupled with post-pandemic travel rebound have magnified the demand for travel companionship. Floqsta is addressing a white space at the intersection of social travel and group dating.

Swipe right to unlock your floq — Floqsta is set to disrupt how young people connect and travel.

Floqsta is the only intelligent match-making platform for travel. It dynamically creates and manage social travel groups, while presenting new friends with carefully curated contextual recommendations. What we are not? Floqsta is not a travel agency, operator or aggregator. We are not a dating platform either.

Problems we solve

Millennials and Gen Z view travel as a lifestyle but lack companions...

1 out of 4 trips are not taken due to lack of travel companions.

60% of people would travel more often if they had friends with similar interests.

Over 30% don't know how to make new friends and they've never felt more alone.

Crisis of loneliness

...and as likely to travel with online friends as to go on an online date.

Over 40% want to travel with online friends, an additional 30% would consider it.

70% of people view personality and interests critical for online travel companions.

90% say that their planning and inspiration comes from social networks.

Social travel wave

Our technology

At the heart of the Floqsta platform are social and activity matching algorithms, that connect like-minded travelers with shared interests.

A floq, a unique concept of an automatically created group of socially compatible and like-minded companions matched to travel activities, is based on our proprietary group compatibility scoring.

Floqsta is built upon an NLP foundation which self-learns on internal and external data to bring together users with compatible personalities and shared interests. AI and ML algorithms are continuously enriched by interactions between users and the platform, producing increasingly higher propensity for deeper connections and compatibility.

The Floqsta app was built with our customers in mind from the very start, using smart, safe and secure technology to connect new friends with unique travel experiences.

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Our philosophy

Our Purpose is to improve lives by creating human connections through real-world experiences and innovative technologies.

Our Mission to be the world's most trusted platform that connects like-minded people with adventures and experiences.

We inspire possibilities and belonging by bringing communities of passion together safely, securely and with confidence

At Floqsta we are committed to creating memorable experiences, travel choices and celebration of diversity.

We trust our partners and investors share our vision of building socially responsible technology platform together. We invite you to read our commitments to the planet and community.

Investment opportunity

Floqsta is on the journey to become the world’s most trusted platform connecting like-minded people, adventures and experiences.

Launched in November 2022 Floqsta is uniquely positioned to address social travel space as well as to enable travel providers to reach out to young demographics at the stage of travel ideation and early trip planning, underpinning company business model.

Floqsta has a strong founding team with extensive business and technology experience in travel and social media. We are supported by highly regarded advisors from industry and academia. Floqsta Inc. is incorporated in Delaware, U.S. in 2021, with main business operations planned in MA and NC. We are working towards B-Corp certification status.

Contact us and let's discuss opportunities for co-operation!

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