Meet and travel with safety and confidence

We have all felt that combination of excitement and curiosity when considering a new experience or meeting new friends, while at the same time some trepidation. Add to that, a pandemic which taught many of us how to be alone more often and to see our circle of friends shrink.

Currently within Gen-Z consumers and the youngest of millennials, there is an expressed interest in meeting new people with interests and passions in common. Add to that the desire to travel together and while fostering new friendships. This has been a challenge with current media platforms. There is heightened distrust in social media channels and ulterior motives in how personal information is used. The question becomes, what is the solution?

The answer can be found in the social travel revolution that one company is starting.

Enter Floqsta. The Floqsta community is not a social media play, it is a responsibly-built safe and secure platform with a deep sense of purpose. That purpose is about moving from the loneliness and isolation that social media can cause to meeting, traveling and getting out in the world in a fun, new way.

“When customers engage on a new platform, they want to know they can do so with confidence. We at Floqsta have created something special by combining elements identity validation, travel group formation rules in our technology, transparent travel planning, easy and responsive support services as well as opt-in tracking when travel commences”.

Head of Product,
Eugene Valuiskis

Trust matters!

Floqsta is undertaking ongoing investment into travel safety and trust provisions, which will be progressively rolled out. The community can rely on capabilities such as pre-travel group video call facilitation and analysis or options for users to mandate inclusion of a designated travel buddy into floqs. The technologies being used will allow comprehensive identify validation techniques through multiple factors and sources, as well as and AI-driven monitoring of user interactions on the platform to detect unacceptable and fraudulent behaviour.

Floqsta is prepared to positively disrupt how people engage and interact, find groups with similar interests, and then go experience the great outdoors together. The company is also ensuring at every level there is no disruption to privacy and secure use of data for its community members.