Mindfulness for People and the Planet

On the Floqsta platform two worlds converge, people meeting people and travel experiences. These two worlds come together in a unique way with a company founded on the principles of doing good for people and the planet.

As Floqsta grows as an innovative, upstart brand matching human likes and preferences with amazing adventures and experiences, the foundation of its culture and promise is to care about its impact.

“A company that cares is a company that can spark change and that is part of our story. How we meet, how we engage — and where we travel can all be threaded with simple human truth: positive energy and doing the right thing makes a difference in small and big ways”.

Floqsta Co-Founder and CEO,
Dasha Kuksenko

Floqsta will be joining the B Corp movement. Therefore, standards matter. Floqsta knows employees are its best resource and how they are treated and compensated is important. Suppliers and partners are carefully selected keeping their integrity front and center. This is all punctuated with responsible, sustainable business practices.

“The company goal is to bring people together from all walks of life and be respectful of every human being’s opportunity to explore what makes them happy, with the best technology possible”.

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer,
Michael Huynh

There is a strong commitment, as the company grows, to high-quality environmental and social business standards which demands continuous improvement so that the company can live by the principles of inclusion, independence, and credibility. Floqsta also believes that providing happiness outwardly to its customers, starts by creating happiness on the inside.

Joining Floqsta and downloading its app comes with the promise to keep our customers, partners and suppliers informed of developments with platform and steps toward B Corp certification.