New technology that brings people together for better

When technology serves an emotional human need, when it serves a deeper purpose, it is a beautiful thing. Floqsta took note that a new generation wants to meet new friends and travel together. The statistics are compelling and provided Floqsta with clarity in filling this need, grounded in facts and data.

From surveying travelers in the US, we have found that 60% of people would travel more often if they had travel companions available at the right time and for the right destination. Whilst Millennials & Gen Z view travel as a lifestyle, they sometimes lack available companions for frequent travel. From our research, we have found that up to 45% have indicated that they do not have enough friends with similar availability or similar interests to enable them to travel as often as they would like. Clearly, solo travel is not for everyone.

Up to now

In the past, those lacking travel companions have often joined packaged tours, which are rigid, regimented, typically in larger group sizes and missing any filtering on compatibility with others. This does not fit with how people want to travel in 2023 and beyond. Given there has not been an effective way to connect with other like-minded travelers online, we are harnessing the fun and engaging concepts of community, meeting new friends, adventure, and unique travel experiences, and bringing that together with matching technology.

Some travel ‘billboard’ websites offer the promise of finding ‘travel buddies’ but they have not harnessed technology to create an engaging and inspirational user experience. For instance, users must search and trawl through individual listings, many of which are irrelevant, to identify the potential trips or travel partners that might interest them. Likewise, there are communities and groups on various social media platforms – these enable chat interaction within the broader community but once again lack technology to help place travelers into effective smaller groups to turn a trip idea into a reality.

Where we make a difference

Where Floqsta makes a profound difference is that it melds social, dating-like capabilities, artificial intelligence, and travel planning functionality to truly enable more possibilities for travel. Floqsta utilizes artificial intelligence to connect compatible travelers into small, functional groups (which we call ‘Floqs’) and inspires the group with a travel theme and set of activities that fits their needs. Our Floqsta bot essentially acts as a travel assistant and facilitator, fostering interactions and discussions within the group as well as providing contextualized travel offers to assist with their travel ideation and planning.

All of this is delivered in the convenience of a user-friendly app that makes that next exciting adventure a more distinct possibility for the typical traveler.